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This page explains some jargon used by the conlanger community.


  1. (noun) a constructed language. It's just a short name for a language that someone, or some group of people, have made up.
  2. (verb) the practice of creating conlangs.

conlanger: (noun) a person who conlangs.

conscript: a constructed script or writing system. It's shorthand for a writing system that someone has invented. A conscript can be a writing system for a natlang or a conlang. The best-known conscript for a natlang is Shavian, a new writing system for English.

natlang: a natural language.

Shavian: a conscript for English, which won a prize established in the will of the playwright, George Bernard Shaw, for a new writing system which would make English spelling logical, phonetic and unambiguous.

Note to editors: Please keep entries in alphabetical order. Also, where necessary, distinguish multiple meanings with a numbered list. Show the part of speech (noun, adjective, verb, etc) if the term is ambiguous. See conlang for an illustration of these points.

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