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Page history last edited by Yahya Abdal-Aziz 15 years, 4 months ago

Leave your questions here!

Do you have a question about conlangs or conlanging? You can leave it on this page. Just -

  • edit this page
  • copy the Sample Question below, including the separator line above it
  • paste it at the end of this page
  • edit your new copy of the sample question as follows -
    • change the heading Sample Question to something short and meaningful
    • change the text of the question to ask what you want to find out
    • click the Preview button to check if you did it right
    • click the Save button.

Members of this PBwiki will drop in from time to time to answer questions. When they do, they will move your question to the Frequently Asked Questions page, together with its answer.

# Sample Question

This is what I want to ask you: What do you want to know about conlanging?

# Technical Question - Wiki Templates

This is a technical question about this wiki - can I create and use a template?  For example, I might want:

  1. to insert a note that a page needs external references, or
  2. use a standard layout for a whole page, including:
  • a table of contents,
  • headings and text for a number of sections,
  • a See also: (internal references) and an On the web: (external references) section, each containing various link references, and
  • a Bibliography.



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